The Australian Association of Hotel Schools (AAHS)

Kenvale College of Hospitality & Event Management

Kenvale College is Australia’s first private Hospitality College and the first to combine paid work and study. We are a not-for-profit college that has been committed to meeting the needs of the Hospitality, Events and Commercial Cookery Industry since 1971. Our mission is to educate in a genuine, person-centered service.

“Learn it and Live it”

We offer courses in hospitality, commercial cookery and event management with a holistic approach to education. Our courses incorporate the importance of the person and a deeper meaning of service as part of the life learning experience. As a result, through our personalised learning and mentoring programme, we have a reputation in the industry for producing outstanding graduates on a path to success.

With almost 50 years’ experience in the hospitality and events industry, our combination of industry-led knowledge, hands-on experience and focus on humanity and service, ensures our students graduate already in employment.

“Paid Work while you Study”

Our Industry Liaison Manager meets with each individual student to ascertain their interests, experience and career aspirations and works with them to help them secure employment in the industry.  Students come to class 2 days a week and spend the rest of the week working in the industry.