The Australian Association of Hotel Schools (AAHS)


I am privileged and delighted to have been recently entrusted as Chair of AAHS for this term and urge anyone that is a provider of quality post-secondary hospitality education to contact us and introduce your organisation to be part of the Association.

The Hospitality industry recognises the quality of graduates from the AAHS group of schools – representing decades years of confidence they have in our members. This is expressed in the number of graduates employed by them each year.

AAHS is about quality and the student experience. Membership will only be granted to institutions that teach what the French would term the art of “hôtellerie” [the hotel business] in programs that combine tertiary/higher and practical education components.  Members must show their commitment to these exacting standards through a rigorous in-qualification industry immersion training period that is strictly assessed and officially transcripted – outside of the traditional classroom environment.

The Association is in transition from its Australian roots. This is in order to engage more widely in our vibrant region of the world.  The Board has ensured that our name will transition over 2017 from the Association of Australian Hotel Schools to the Association of Asian-Pacific Hotel Schools. This will allow us to better serve the enquiries for membership that we have received this year from ASEAN countries and New Zealand. The end goal is that the AAHS will ultimately better serve our increasingly mobile students wherever they choose to study or continue studies in our region.

We look forward to expanding our reach and services across the industry and reaching out to students, providers, employers and affiliates in sending the message of the AAHS brand that represents a high standard of professional development, quality of teaching, training and learning and prepares graduates for the future both locally and globally.


Dr Dominic Szambowski
Chair and Director