The Australian Association of Hotel Schools (AAHS)


Tuesday 24 July


Members of the Association of Australian Hotel Schools

The constitution of AAHS states that members should be hospitality schools

  • That offer full-fee courses to Australian and International students.
  • They must be committed to the development of the Professional Practitioner with skills knowledge and professional attributes.
  • They must offer a range of full-time hospitality and or tourism courses at AQF Diploma level and above.
  • The members must be accredited as Registered Training Organisations, they must comply with AQTF, and be listed on the CRICOS Register.
  • The courses offered must include an accredited period of work experience.
  • Each member must have an advisory board that includes industry representation.

If a hospitality college complies with all aspects except a) it may apply for Associate Membership. In other words, a publicly funded college can be an associate member, but not a full member.

An interested party can discuss membership through our Chairperson on ourĀ Contact Page.

The school should be nominated by a current member, and must complete an application form.

Australian hospitality schools, especially full-fee colleges are welcome discuss joining AAHS.


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