The Australian Association of Hotel Schools (AAHS)


Tuesday 24 July


Welcome to the AAHS National Hospitality Careers Expo 2019


Due to the success of last year’s event and combined with positive feedback from the industry and students, we are delighted to confirm this year’s Expo will be held at Sydney Town Hall on Tuesday, 30 April 2018 (9.30am-12.30pm).

Download the exhibitor welcome information pack: Information Pack

To view last year’s booklet click: AAHS Booklet 2017

About the 2018 booklet.
This year’s booklet will be created in A5 size and designed to be distributed electronically.
The PDF will include clickable links to your website(s). This will reduce paper wastage and make it easier to distribute and view on various devices.

  • All exhibitors get two full A5 pages (will include brand images + all information).

Please provide the completed form and all files as per the checklist by 14th April 2019  in Word format. Please do not provide it in PDF format. When pasting in text from other sources, please use the “paste special” and “Unformatted text” options if possible.

Word count: 450-500 words (excludes recruitment contact information section and website links).

Download Exhibitor Booklet Form


Exhibitors 2017: